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Moments of Pure Enjoyment

We're here to give you a moment of pure enjoyment.

We'll put a smile on your face with the first bite.
Maybe this will be the first smile of your day, because some days are rough.
Maybe you're having an amazing day, full with laughter and joy.
We'll be there for you either way.

Sit back, relax and unwind. Place your cookie on top of your cup with a warm beverage, let the heat do the work, and enjoy a delicious cookie with warm, gooey caramel.
Who wouldn't want to have this?


Stroopwafels are cookies from a tiny country in northern Europe, the Netherlands. This cookie is the favorite cookie of every Dutch person. Why? Well, the cookie has two thin, crispy waffles with a caramel and cinnamon filling. The cookies have the perfect balance of sweet, warm caramel and crunchy, buttery waffles. Do we need to say more? 

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